[CentOS] Bash cgi upload form

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Sun Jan 4 00:42:59 UTC 2009

Am 04.01.2009 um 01:13 schrieb John R Pierce:

> Sean Carolan wrote:
>> Anyone have a function or script for uploading files from a web
>> browser with a bash script?  I know this is possible to do with Perl,
>> I'm wondering if the same is possible using only bash.
> um, you download from a webserver, and upload to one.
> wget or curl can be used to download a file from a webserver.
> uploading a file TO a webserver requires more infromation, such as  
> what
> upload protocols and authentication does the server support/require?
> one method that can be used is DAV aka WebDAV, cadaver is a command  
> line
> WebDAV client included with CentOS.

I think he wants to have a shell-script that can process upload-file- 
forms, displayed in browsers.

AFAIK, the general rule is: don't do that (CGI programming with shell- 

Use something else (PHP as CGI, if you don't want to have mod_php).


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