[CentOS] Log File Reviewing

Bill Campbell centos at celestial.com
Mon Jan 5 19:03:35 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jan 05, 2009, Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>I need to review a logfile with Sed and cut out all the lines that start with a certain word, problem
>is this word begins after some amount of whitespace and unless I search for whitespace at the
>beginning followed by "word" I may encounter "word" somewhere legitimately hence why
>I don't just search for "word" only...
>Anyone know how to make sed accomplish this?

There's always more than one way to do something like this:

sed -n '/^[ \t]*word\s/p' /var/log/messages

pcregrep '^\s*word\b' /var/log/messages

awk '$1 == "word"{print}' /var/log/messages

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