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Spiro Harvey spiro at knossos.net.nz
Mon Jan 5 20:57:19 UTC 2009

> So gawk does all that sed does and more? I suppose I can start with

Can't really answer that. In 15 years of using UNIX systems, I've never
touched sed. :)

With Gawk's BEGIN and END blocks you can use it to write full
programs, which is kind of nice. 

> that in this case, I always wanted a book on regexe's so I think I
> am going to order O'Reilly's Mastering Regular Expressions, Third
> Edition. They also have a sed & awk, Second Edition book, but its 10+
> years old, does that matter, has sed/awk changed any since then?

The link I sent you is the 3rd edition of that book. Dated 2004. The
book (Effective AWK Programming) is available completely free, but is
also available in dead-tree editions. I printed and bound my PDF and
saved a few dollars.

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