[CentOS] xCache install error ($PHP_AUTOCONF?)

David Hrbác( hrbac.conf at seznam.cz
Wed Jan 7 09:55:19 UTC 2009

James Bensley napsal(a):
> Hi David,
> Thanks for the reply;
> Yeah I have everything that is required already installed that's why
> I'm trying to move away from building to xCache source to using the
> rpm instead. I downloaded the i386 rpm package you linked to me for
> CentOS 4 (as I am actually running Red Hat 3.4.5-2!) but got the
> following error
> rpm -ivv php-xcache-1.2.2-1.el4.hrb.i386.rpm
> <snip command output>
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         php is needed by php-xcache-1.2.2-1.el4.hrb.i386
> <snip>
> All the other requirements where met but php IS already installed and
> running, we have three website running on this server so I can't work
> out why it won't detect php, does anyone know the method it might be
> using so I can try and investigate further and hopefully solve the
> issue?
> Thanks for everyone's help so far its been great!
> Regards,
> James.

you should mention it first you are running RHEL 3.x. So you are running
php 4.3.2. Package you are trying to install is built agains Centos 4
Plus php.

James, do rpm -qa | grep php | sort.

Btw, php-xcache SRPM buils fine on centos 3.x, I have just tried.

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