[CentOS] xCache install error ($PHP_AUTOCONF?)

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Wed Jan 7 12:57:14 UTC 2009

David Hrbác( wrote on Wed, 07 Jan 2009 12:42:44 +0100:

> I'd get rid of PHP from source and install php-* packages.

Then he goes back to PHP 4.3.2. You *have* to use the source for xcache. 
I'd recommend to go the php newsgroup and ask about the phpize problem. 
And provide all the information you offered here in steps in the first 
message ;-)

I just stumbled over this snippet from eaccelerator build instructions 
when searching my notes for "phpize". Try it a last time that way (without 
the shared line), especially with that php-config hint and the exported 
php prefix.

Step 1. Compiling eAccelerator

  export PHP_PREFIX="/usr"
  ./configure \
  --enable-eaccelerator=shared \

  You must specify the real prefix where PHP is installed in the "export"
  command. It may be "/usr" "/usr/local", or something else.

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