[CentOS] Yum Issue.. Installing Older Package Version

Vandaman vandaman2002-sk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 7 17:31:36 UTC 2009

Tim Nelson wrote:

> Hello fellow CentOS'ers-
> I'm trying to install a package from a not-to-be-named
> repository (privately operated for some proprietary
> software). They currently have a package I need but offer
> multiple versions. However, if I simply 'yum install
> packagename' it defaults to pulling down the most recent
> package. I would like to pull down the older version of the
> package but I'm unable to do so.
> So, how would you specify version number for a package with
> two candidates but the same name? I'm at a loss... :-(

Why would the admin of the un-named repo include two versions
unless one could be an update/bugfix? Did you try asking the
admin of that repo? For example here is bash from base and 
update on CentOS 4

bash-3.0-19.7.i386.rpm             27-Jul-2008 03:30  1.7M 
bash-3.0-19.7.el4_7.1.i386.rpm     20-Oct-2008 14:53  1.7M 

Tim Nelson I rather liked your sig in 

Wink :-)

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