[CentOS] Email/GroupWare Suite

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Wed Jan 7 21:00:19 UTC 2009

----- "Bo Lynch" <blynch at ameliaschools.com> wrote:
> I would have thought that this was a small install:) We probably have
> at
> the most around 200-250. I was just guessing for growth. We too opt
> open
> source. Is zimbra a resource hog? Meaning do you think it would work
> with
> maybe a xeon quadcore with 4gb RAM?

RAM is by far the largest resource you can't possibly have enough of. For that number of users, I'd go with more if you can.

A quad core Xeon *should* work. One thing to remember is that your CPU usage will vary depending not on how many total clients you'll have but how many *simultaenous* clients you'll have accessing the system at a given time.

Another considering is the speed of your hard drives. 10000 RPM SATA/SAS or SCSI would be needed and you'll probably want RAID as well.

Check the Zimbra site (in the wiki and forums I believe) for more information on dimensioning Zimbra systems with many users. Most of the recommendations there are from real world scenarios.

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