[CentOS] Email/GroupWare Suite

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Jan 7 21:23:11 UTC 2009

> >> I may start a war here, but I'm going to recommend Lotus Notes / Domino
> >> as the collaborative software for you. I've had quite a bit of
> >> experience with it in a large multi-national company. It can definitely
> > Has anyone used PHPGroupware?
> > I've been looking at some comparisons with this and it looks like it has
> > alot of features.
> > Bo Lynch
> I think PHPgroupware is sort of stale, and EGroupware is a fork that just made
> a release in November or December.

We looked at PHPgroupware a long time ago (2003?) and it did have allot
of features but not a very strong core and some parts of it seemed
unfinished.   We also were considering throwing in the Open Source towel
on groupware and going with Notes.  Fortunately that was the moment that
OpenGroupware was released as Open Source,  we've been using that ever
since and are very happy.  It is fast, minimal requirements, uses Cyrus
as the mail store (*very* hast and feature-ful), and has a solid set of
core features.  The WebUI certainly isn't the sexiest but it is robust
and has a great XML-RPC API.  

But if I was going to go with a paid solution I'd go with Notes over the
other commercial offerings.

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