[CentOS] Hierarchial storage management or automated archival to tape

Bent Terp bent at terp.se
Thu Jan 8 15:37:11 UTC 2009

Hi list!

While regular backup solutions like amanda or bacula are very good at
their job, ie keeping point2point copies of the files currently on
disk, I find them less suited for archiving - having unused files move
to tape in duplo and stay there until requested. I've even read of
multi-tier solutions - move to slower disks after a week and further
on to tape after a month.

Does anyone have some experience or suggestions for this? The project
will deal with ~100 TB of growth per year, most files somewhere
between 2 and 50 GB.

Yes, it can be done with everything in one filesystem, but I'm
concerned about running a full backup every month of 500 TB ;-) Not to
mention the time required for recovery in case the filesys crashes....

BR Bent

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