[CentOS] Email/GroupWare Suite

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Jan 9 19:26:31 UTC 2009

> >>> Can you use postfix with horde/imp?

Yes, Horde doesn't care what the SMTP provider is so long as it works.

> >> Well, postfix is just a MTA. IMP will use localhost:25 or
> >> /usr/lib/sendmail to send mail ;-)
> >> What's more interesting is the choice of IMAP-server ;-)


> > We currently use dovecot. Any issues that you know of?

No issues.

> Hm. I use dovecot, too, on my private mailserver - but I don't have a
> webmail setup there, because I use IMAP exclusively.
> I always wanted to try IMP/DIMP again, but never really got around to
> install and configure it.

We use Horde/IMP (and testing DIMP) to provide web mail to our low-end
users.  Horde is great stuff, works across browsers well, is stable, and
deals with every tortured mail message (including ones that wig out
either Thunderbird [not really very hard to do :(] or Outlook].  For
groupware we use OpenGroupware,  and Horde is very easy to integrate
into almost anything.

> I know one ISP here, that tried to use IMP and it performed very bad.

They set it up wrong.

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