[CentOS] Can sound be redirected from a remote computer to local computer?

partha chowdhury kira.laucas at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 05:24:32 UTC 2009

dcw wrote:
> I need to redirect the sound from a remote Centos 5.2 computer to my local 
> Centos 5.2 computer. Both are i386 OS.
> Searching the web and Centos web site has indicated that it is possible but I 
> have not found any information about how to do it.
> I am currently using ssh and/or vnc to display the remote computer locally. At 
> this point, the sound is being played on the remote computer only.
> Thanks for any help,
> David
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for this purpose you have to setup your local machine as a sound server. 
i have set up succesfully using this tutorial, > 

my scenario : two computers on the same private network

on the first computer , i copy the line export ARTS_SERVER=ip of second 
machine:<port> to the currently logged in user's .bashrc file. Then play 
any mp3 with mplayer with audio output chosen as arts.

on the second machine start artsd with artsd -n -u -p 5001 option ( 
however please consider the security) and set up iptables or firewall to 
make the second computer to accept request from first computer on port 5001.

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