[CentOS] Solved - Re: After BIND update owner changed and restart failed

Ralph Angenendt ra+centos at br-online.de
Mon Jan 12 13:59:06 UTC 2009

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> And therein hangs my snafu.  named.acl only had 600 for permissions so 
> when the group was changed to root by the update, the named process 
> could no longer access the file even with the owner being named.  Go 
> figure.  So I just need to fix my permissions to 644 and I will be OK 
> for the next update....

As said (and see below): No script in one of the bind packages changes
ownership and/or modes on any of the files in there.

| [angenenr at shutdown ~]$for rpm in $(rpm -qa bind\*); do rpm -q --scripts $rpm| \
|         grep -E "chown|chmod"; done
|         [ -e /etc/rndc.key ] && chown root:named /etc/rndc.key
|         [ -e /etc/rndc.key ] && chmod 0640 /etc/rndc.key
| [angenenr at shutdown ~]$

And as *none* of the bind packages claims ownership for any of the files you 
have there, I don't understand why you are seeing this error:

| [angenenr at shutdown ~]$for rpm in $(rpm -qa bind\*); do rpm -ql $rpm | \
| grep etc/; done
| /etc/dbus-1/system.d/named.conf
| /etc/logrotate.d/named
| /etc/rc.d/init.d/named
| /etc/sysconfig/named
| /usr/share/doc/bind-9.3.4/sample/etc/named.conf
| /usr/share/doc/bind-9.3.4/sample/etc/named.rfc1912.zones
| /usr/share/doc/bind-9.3.4/sample/etc/named.root.hints
| /usr/share/doc/bind-9.3.4/sample/etc/rndc.conf
| [angenenr at shutdown ~]$

As said: If you can tell me/us how to recreate this problem, please file a bug.

But I cannot see how this possibly is a problem with the bind update.

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