[CentOS] CentOS 4 update backlog

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Jan 12 22:52:37 UTC 2009

on 1-12-2009 2:27 PM Googlemail spake the following:
> On Monday 12 January 2009 22:16:25 Marko A. Jennings 
> wrote:
>> On Mon, January 12, 2009 5:04 pm, Vandaman wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> Members of the CentOS community should, in a free 
> world be able
>>> to ask valid questions aand offer to volunteer if that 
> is needed.
>>> Off course some don't live in the free world so its
>>> unfortunate.
>>> Regards,
>>> Vandaman.
>> Vandaman,
>> >From where I stand, it's not so much what you are 
> saying bit how.  To me,
>> your posts (generally speaking) appear condescending 
> and aggressive.  Just
>> saying "Regards" at the end of each posting is not 
> enough.  It is nice to
>> show some from time to time.
> For heavens' sake!  This list is beginning to sound like 
> schoolboys squabbling in the playground.
> Anne
Is not!!!

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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