[CentOS] CentOS 4 update backlog

Vandaman vandaman2002-sk at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 13 09:14:33 UTC 2009

R P Herrold wrote:

> > R P Herrold wrote:
> >> ... you do NOT file bugs in the bug tracker to
> make formal 
> >> your concern.
> > I made last month about security updates missing for
> almost 
> > a month.
> no bug -> no issue.
> > Members of the CentOS community should, in a free
> world be 
> > able to ask valid questions aand offer to volunteer if
> that 
> > is needed. Off course some don't live in the free
> world so 
> > its unfortunate.
> yawn ... I still missed that bug number,
> 'volunteer'

For the benefit of the CentOS community at large and those 
following this interesting conversation by slashdotting or 
on blogs across teh web, it would be helpful if you clarified 
a few things and also pointed out the bugs filed against CentOS 5 
for the previous weeks updates :-

1. where is the requirement written on wiki.centos.org or centos.org
that bugs have to be filed against upstream errata for CentOS 
to provide any updates?
2. What are the bug numbers filed for CentOS 5 so that the updates 
could be pushed out?
3. Given that last months updates were a month late, where are 
the bug numbers filed against those, because the updates eventually 
made it.



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