[CentOS] vixie-cron package from RHEL 5 FasTrack?

Alfred von Campe alfred at von-campe.com
Fri Jan 16 19:30:39 UTC 2009

What is the best way to get the RPM described in the following URL  
installed on CentOS 5.2:


I have users who can't run cron jobs because their home directories  
are NFS mounted, and I believe installing this RPM would fix the  
problem.  I remember reading that the CentOS developers are working  
on supporting the RHEL FasTrack mechanism, but other than that I am  
not very familiar with the purpose and workings of FasTrack.  For  
instance, will RHEL 5 Update 3 (and therefore CentOS 5.3) include  
this fix?  Why wouldn't this RPM make it into the current update  
stream since it was released 6 months ago?


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