[CentOS] exim rpm with DKIM support for CentOS?

Timo Neuvonen timo-news at tee-en.net
Sun Jan 18 21:47:00 UTC 2009

I haven't learned a lot about DKIM yet, but I guess I'll need to implement 
it in the near future, at first for signing outgoing mail. I'm using exim as 
an MTA.

I guess the standard exim 4.63 binary rpm from CentOS repos propably does 
not have DKIM support yet? Or does it, maybe?

Provided the standard binary rpm does not provide this functionality, what 
would be the most decent way to get this functionality? Does the standard 
source rpm already include the necessary code, re-building the binary rpm 
with some additional option wouldn't sound bad. If not going this way, what 
could be a realiable source for a suitable exim rpm (either source or both 
the x86 and 86_64 binaries) for use in CentOS?


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