[CentOS] SquirrelMail Oddity SSL error

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Tue Jan 20 23:55:30 UTC 2009

nate wrote:
> John Hinton wrote:
>> First, this seems to be happening only with two users under one domain
>> on the server. SSL for SquirrelMail is not enabled. I can't find a thing
>> unique to these two users which would cause this error. I can't find
>> anything in the logs to help.
> Is this a new installation of SM or an existing installation? Any
> plugins that may be causing this issue? I've been using SM for
> about 8 or 9 years now though all of my installations are 100%
> SSL(I handle SSL redirections etc in apache rather than in
> SM's config or plugins).
> I suggest testing it in firefox and using the live http headers
> plugin to see exactly where the browser is trying to go.
> nate
Apparently a new update to SquirrelMail just replaced one released late 
last week. Actually, this might be from the Dag repository. Either way, 
after doing the update and restarting my browser, SM started to work as 
it should. Note that this is a CentOS 4 box. I did notice PHP undefined 
variable charset over and over in the logs up until the new update was 
applied. This from mime.php line 317.

It's been more than a day here... sorry to not be putting together more 
info chasing this down.

John Hinton

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