[CentOS] Antivirus for CentOS? (yuck!)

Amos Shapira amos.shapira at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 01:19:27 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Yes, I know, it's really really embarrassing to have to ask but I'm
being pushed to the wall with PCI DSS Compliance procedure
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI_DSS) and have to either justify why
we don't need to install an anti-virus or find an anti-virus to run on
our CentOS 5 servers.

Whatever I do - it needs to be convincing enough to make the PCI
compliance guy tick the box.


1. Has anyone here gone though such a procedure and got good arguments
against the need for anti-virus?
2. Alternatively - what linux anti-virus (oh, the shame of typing this
word combination :() do you use which doesn't affect our systems
performance too much.

The reviewed servers run both Internet-facing web applications and
internal systems, mostly using proprietary protocol for internal
communications. They are being administrated remotely via IPSec VPN
(and possibly in the future also OpenVPN).



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