[CentOS] where did all the nonfree rpms go? Nvidia? xine-lib-mp3?

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 06:04:16 UTC 2009

I installed Centos on some machines that need long term support.  I'm
running up against some simple user convenience issues.

How to play MP3?

I've been really puzzled today that the addon rpm sites like livna,
rpmforge, rpmfusion, epel, don't seem to have something like
amarok-mp3 or xine-lib-mp3.  What am I missing?   It can be done in
Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora Linux.

In the worst case scenario, what must be done? get the xine source
code and build an rpm that includes the mp3 components?

Do you have Nvidia cards?

Then I noticed there is a new Nvidia proprietary driver on
www.nvidia.org, and I can't find an rpm package for it, or for the
previous 2 releases of the nvidia driver.  The place to get those
packages used to be rpm.livna.org, but that is now moved to rpmfusion,
but on the rpmfusion site, the nonfree folders are empty.

Oh, well. Just singing a complaining song.


Paul E. Johnson

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