[CentOS] where did all the nonfree rpms go? Nvidia? xine-lib-mp3?

Ralph Angenendt ra+centos at br-online.de
Fri Jan 23 10:16:39 UTC 2009

Paul Johnson wrote:
> I installed Centos on some machines that need long term support.  I'm
> running up against some simple user convenience issues.
> How to play MP3?
> I've been really puzzled today that the addon rpm sites like livna,
> rpmforge, rpmfusion, epel, don't seem to have something like
> amarok-mp3 or xine-lib-mp3.  What am I missing?   It can be done in
> Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora Linux.

No, but they have gstreamer plugins which can play mp3s, there's
xmms-mp3, and xine-lib from rpmforge also should play mp3s.

> In the worst case scenario, what must be done? get the xine source
> code and build an rpm that includes the mp3 components?

Have you checked that this isn't already the case?

> Do you have Nvidia cards?
> Then I noticed there is a new Nvidia proprietary driver on
> www.nvidia.org, and I can't find an rpm package for it, or for the
> previous 2 releases of the nvidia driver.  The place to get those
> packages used to be rpm.livna.org, but that is now moved to rpmfusion,
> but on the rpmfusion site, the nonfree folders are empty.

livna.org *never* had rpms for CentOS/RHEL. atrpms and rpmforge have
nvidia drivers for CentOS/RHEL. If you need more current ones, please do
contact the appropriate venues (mailing lists, forums) for those

> Oh, well. Just singing a complaining song.

Yes, but to the wrong audience. CentOS is not in control over what gets
into third party repositories.

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