[CentOS] cpu load monitoring

Steve Lindemann steve at marmot.org
Fri Jan 23 16:21:06 UTC 2009

Dave Stevens wrote:
> bandwidth requirements but I would like to check the cpu load. I can not be 
> at the server during the test and am interested in knowing if there is 
> logging of cpu load available. Anyone have experience with this? 
> Recommendations?

I've been using MRTG for ages to monitor cpu load and happily recommend 
it for all manner of monitoring (not just routers 8^).  MRTG can be 
found at:

...and the program to pass cpu load to mrtg can be found at:

...my mrtg.cfg for this bit
#### Global Config Options
WithPeak[_]: wmy
### loadavg
Target[loadavg]: `/usr/local/bin/linux_loadavg_mrtg`
MaxBytes[loadavg]: 50
Title[loadavg]: Load Average
PageTop[loadavg]: <h2>Load Average on Email Server</h2>
Options[loadavg]: growright,gauge,absolute,nopercent
YLegend[loadavg]: Load Average
ShortLegend[loadavg]: unit
Legend1[loadavg]: Load Average (1min)
Legend2[loadavg]: n/a
Legend3[loadavg]: Maximal 5 Minute Load Average
Legend4[loadavg]: n/a
LegendI[loadavg]: &nbsp;Value:
LegendO[loadavg]: &nbsp;n/a:
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