[CentOS] OT? File order on CentOS/Samba server

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sun Jan 25 00:44:00 UTC 2009

> and you thought that 2400 bps was fast too I bet. Having started at 300
> bps, I was shocked at how fast 1200 bps was.
> that was a couple of eons ago
That reminded me that I still used a 1200 one for a while, too.
When the first 14,400 modems appeared, I could not believe the speed. 
The cost was almost that of gold. In fact, they were so expensive that I 
had to buy one 50-50 with a friend. A ISA internal one because an 
internal one was a little cheaper. We then shared it: one week for me, 
one week for him. :-)

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