[CentOS] ProFTPd under CentOS 5.2 running FTPS - iptables problem

German Andres Pulido gpulido at gtscolombia.com
Mon Jan 26 17:15:13 UTC 2009

> Hello,
> I am setting up ProFTPd daemon (from EPEL repository) under CentOS 5.2
> and I need encrypted connection. Daemon is configured perfectly, there
> is no problem - if iptables is off connection is smoothly established,
> but when iptables is on, connection in FTP client ends on command LIST
> without response. Last command with response (positive) is PASV.
> Thank you for your replies
> Martin Šťastný
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The issue is probably with the way FTP is handled. I see two possible 

1. Use the ip_conntrack_ftp module of IPtables. What this does is setting 
iptables aware that the data FTP connection should also be allowed since it's 
related to the original one on port 21. Google for more info on it (and the 
exact module name)

2. If you only need encrypted traffic, using SFTP makes sense. It only uses 
the port 22 (It's a subsystem of SSH) and its encryption is very good.


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