[CentOS] More than 2TB RAID...

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 12:20:07 UTC 2009


I just received a new server (HP DL180G5) with 12x 1TB HDs and I bumped into fdisks 2TB limits...
Since this is an entry level server, I can't use the classic HP bootable utilities to create smaller volumes et can only create a big RAID6.
I found out that: using parted, labelling it gpt and creating the partitions would do the trick.
But, what about grub?  I read that it does not support gpt...
Or is there another way to do it?
By example, do you think I could boot on a live CentOS, install HP RAID tools on it (is it possible?) and then create volumes...?



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