[CentOS] More than 2TB RAID...

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Wed Jan 28 12:40:33 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 28 January 2009, Jake wrote:
> I came across this article you may find useful:
> http://www.unixgods.org/~tilo/linux_larger_2TB.html
> I should say that I STRONGLY recommend not creating ext3 file systems in
> the 2TB+ range

I consider that FUD. We have many ext3 filesystems >2T and the run ok. Sure we 
do disable automatic fsck on reboot but we schedule a manual fsck when we get 
the opportunity. IMHO automatic fsck on reboot after, say, 30 boots is a pure 
desktop/laptop thing. When you have servers that stay up you'll have to plan 
for fsck anyway.

As Joshua wrote, there is no filesystem more supported and tried on CentOS...


> - fsck takes too long and you'd hate to get hit by one of 
> those in what is supposed to be a "quick" reboot...and disabling them on
> the file system isn't a good idea either.
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