[CentOS] More than 2TB RAID...

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 12:46:50 UTC 2009

> > Anyway, I managed and am currently extending the array 
> > to the 12 disks...  It seems that it is going to take around 3 days! Maybe
> > because the cache battery is not fully charged and so the writes are not
> > cached... After that, I need to reduce the "boot" logical disk down to a
> > dozen of GBs. And then, I need to create the other(s) logical disk(s).

FYI, I found out hpacucli cannot reduce the size of a logical disk; even if there is 99% of unpartioned space... :/
So, since my boss wants a clean install, I started over and chose option 2: a CentOS external USB disk + hpacucli installed on it...



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