[CentOS] Emergency rescue help needed

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 29 17:16:05 UTC 2009

2009/1/29 Alex H. Vandenham <alex at avantel.ca>:
> On Thursday 29 January 2009 11:37:00 am Scott Silva wrote:
>> If you had many power failures, the filesystem might just be severely
>> trashed. Journals and files out of sync, etc... If a good fsck didn't fix
>> it, you might just be in for a wipe-reinstall, or many hours of finding and
>> fixing corrupted files.. I would install to a new drive, and then you can
>> take some time recovering from the old drive as you find things missing.
>> That way you will still have the old system for whatever might come up. I
>> always seem to find something that didn't get backed up properly.
> Since you can log in as root, a less drastic first step might be to:
> Change your runlevel (as root) to 3 and try a text login (as you) for access
> to your files.
> man init
> If the kde files are trashed, perhaps you can create another user on the
> system and copy over your personal files, or do a diff to see which kde files
> might have been trashed.
> If it really looks bad (disk bad and/or major file corruption) , then I agree
> that a new install might be the way to go but that's significant pain . . .
Yes, I'll try that first - if I can convince myself that the hardware
is OK.  I really wish I know what caused it, though.


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