[CentOS] Emergency rescue help needed

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>Are the failures power related, or is the system just shutting down on its own?

I've had this happen on more than one occasion, that is to say when the 
motherboard didn't totally bail at the occasion. Anne, if you have a spare PSU, 
try your system with that one and see if the system is more stable.

Brand-name PSU's is *not* a guarantee it will last and/or be resilient. I have 
experience with those as well... 8-/

>If the latter, I would suspect either a power supply or a processor fan. If
>the former, maybe you need to invest in an inexpensive UPS.

I second that. A UPS, as in prevention, is THE starting point for stability.

At home I have a fairly big one, a Powerware 5115 rated at 1400VA. My two 
Windows DC's, another Windows intranet web portal, firewall-appliance, linux 
web server and switch, as well as one monitor are connected to it. The three 
workstations are not though, all docs and files are on the DC's. 8-}
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