[CentOS] Emergency rescue help needed

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>> However, in some cases it's cheaper to just get a whole new UPS... 8-/
>I know I was shocked at the price I had to pay last time I replaced the APC
>battery.  My favourite vendor sells a lot of Liebert PowerSure UPSs, so I
>presume they have had no problems with them, or they'd have given up by now.
>There is a large range, and the prices are good, but the only thing I can say
>is that I haven't heard anyone complain.  I'd prefer to hear a positive
>before buying.

Did you check Eaton Powerware? They are very competitively priced IMO. We
bought APC's before as well, but I felt the controller software was not as
smooth as it could've been and the battery replacement-programs very not that
good as Powerware's variants.

With UPS's I prefer a brand-name. If nothing else for the reason that they
stock batteries even to older models.
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