[CentOS] Seamonkey and flash-plugin

Charles E Campbell Jr charles.e.campbell at nasa.gov
Fri Jan 30 15:43:46 UTC 2009


I like using Seamonkey; I have v1.1.13 on Centos.  It works with 

On my home computer, I have Fedora Core 9; Seamonkey + flash-plugin used 
to work with the same version combination above.
Unfortunately, I updated Seamonkey to v1.1.15, and every time I go to a 
site (ex. http://www.wtopnews.com/ ) that's a flash user, Seamonkey 
crashes.  I'd use flashblock but attempts to download it ccomplain of a 
missing install script.  I've tried the latest flash plugin and it 
crashes Seamonkey.  I can use the latest flash plugin with firefox, however.

Its been at least a month like that.

So -- has anyone gotten 1.1.15 Seamonkey working with the latest flash 
plugin on Centos?  I don't want to update Seamonkey on the Centos box if 
its not working.

Chip Campbell

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