[CentOS] Anyone got Diskless BOOT working under CentOS ???

Tue Jan 6 07:02:10 UTC 2009
clemens at dwf.com <clemens at dwf.com>

Im trying to get a diskless boot set up under CentOS 5.2, and having no luck
at all.

I am to the point of running system-config-netboot, and whatever information
I put in, I get an error message.

Responding to the 2nd button on the first popup, which asks for NFS info,
I put in the IP address of the current machine (the machine that will hold
the boot images for the diskless machine) and the root directory for the
diskless machine, viz


Which has a copy of my root file system, and in particular has a /boot 
subdirectory.  When hitting FORWARD, I get the error message:

	The diskless subdirectory must be NFS exported	
	and contain a boot subdirectory.

Now Ive checked, vsftpd is running, nfs is running, and the above directory
(and others) are in the /etc/exports file.

I did this several years ago under Fedora, and dont remember having problems
like this.  Has ANYONE done this recently, and do you remember what you had
to do???  I would REALLY like to exchange some e-mail with you.
It would be nice if there was an example somewhere.

                                        reg at dwf.com