[CentOS] Bugs in yum update

Tue Jan 13 01:19:26 UTC 2009
Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED <m_d_berger_1900 at yahoo.com>

This is a continuation of the thread:
   "yum update fails: CentOS 5.2".

I installed a fresh Centos 5.2 and ran yum update.

It ran correctly, except for these issues:

1. As previously mentioned, after deciding what it
   is going to do, It doesn't ask if its ok.  But
   if I type y<enter> it reports:
      Is this ok [y/N]: Downloading Packages:

2. During the long period it is downloading files,
   it doesn't print anything, giving the impression
   that nothing is happening.  Watching the lights,
   and using WireShark and ARIN, I determined that
   it was downloading from the Rochester Institute
   of Technology.  I decided that was good.  During
   the install phase, the expected logging appeared.

3. When it said it was finished, it didn't exit the
   yum process; I did it with CRTL-C .