[CentOS] RAID level and killing a job

Tue Jan 13 17:54:45 UTC 2009
Scott R. Ehrlich <scott at MIT.EDU>

First question - under CentOS 5, if I created non LVM partitions on a server 
with 6 disks - 2 disks are RAID 1 (OS), how do I remind myself or inquire the 
type of RAID of the remaining 4 disks (RAID 1 or RAID 5), without having to 

Second question - A newly installed server consisting of CentOS 5.2, straight 
off the DVD, I invoke a command by hand, realize I want to kill it soon after 
(logged in as root).  I issue ps auwx|grep name_of_command, get the PID, and 
issue kill -9 PID.  ps auwx|grep name_of_command is still running.

The command is NOT part of any scheduled job.    Why won't the process die? 
How else can I kill it without a system reboot?  The command does not get 
invoked with a script, and is not a script itself - just a standalone binary. 
I tried CNTL-Z and CNTL-C.  I finally killed the terminal it was running from. 
Nothing works.

pkill doesn't work, either.


Scott, CISSP