[CentOS] Squirrel 1.4.8-8.el3.centos.1

Thu Jan 15 14:25:50 UTC 2009
Henk van Lingen <henkvl at cs.uu.nl>


Last tuesday I upgraded squirrelmail on two centos-3 mailservers.

squirrelmail-1.4.8-8.el3.centos.1, 2.4.21-58.ELsmp, CentOS release 3.9,
httpd 2.0.46

Since then I have some users who have problems with their sessions.
They are logout out every now and them, and some sent mails have another
user address in the From header. It looks like squirrel is mixing up
sessions? Those users have used fresh browser sesions.

Anyone else seeing this?

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