[CentOS] Problem detecting HP Tape Drive

Sun Jan 4 07:48:29 UTC 2009
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Mehdi Sarmadi wrote:
> I don't think that SCSI ports outside(behind) the server chasis be for
> smart arrays? Are you sure?

its your server, I'm not familiar with that model, but your LSPCI lists 
one dual port 53C1030 SCSI card, and 2 64xx SmartArray RAID cards.   you 
might have to open up the server to see whats what.   note that LSPCI 
can't really distinguish between whats on board vs on PCI cards.    
SmartArray cards can have internal or external scsi ports, depending on 
the card.

specs for the DL350 G4 
say...  onboard dual u320 scsi (that would be the 53c1030), and optional 
smartarray 641 (in PCI slot 3)...  Ah, and farther down the page, it 
says the 53c1030 onboard scsi, external scsi connector cabling is optional,

    SCSI Connectors
        Two internal HD68 connectors
    (Support for either two internal, two external, or a mix of
    internal/external is available. This is achieved using an internal
    to external SCSI cable option kit,PN 159547-B22 or 333370-B21, and
    either of the two SCSI knockouts.)

ah, the optional 641 array controller is internal only.  but other model 
64xx cards can have internal + external ports, these would be in a PCI 
IO bay.

another silly question, did you terminate this external scsi chain? You 
have to use a active LVD scsi terminator at end of the last device on 
the scsi cable, this would be your tape drive.