[CentOS] Anyone got Diskless BOOT working under CentOS ???

Tue Jan 6 16:47:42 UTC 2009
TREVOR BENSON <tbenson at a-1networks.com>

On Jan 5, 2009, at 11:02 PM, clemens at dwf.com wrote:

> Im trying to get a diskless boot set up under CentOS 5.2, and having  
> no luck
> at all.
> I am to the point of running system-config-netboot, and whatever  
> information
> I put in, I get an error message.
> Responding to the 2nd button on the first popup, which asks for NFS  
> info,
> I put in the IP address of the current machine (the machine that  
> will hold
> the boot images for the diskless machine) and the root directory for  
> the
> diskless machine, viz
> 	/diskless/i386/CentOS5.2/root
> Which has a copy of my root file system, and in particular has a /boot
> subdirectory.  When hitting FORWARD, I get the error message:
> 	The diskless subdirectory must be NFS exported	
> 	and contain a boot subdirectory.
> Now Ive checked, vsftpd is running, nfs is running, and the above  
> directory
> (and others) are in the /etc/exports file.
> I did this several years ago under Fedora, and dont remember having  
> problems
> like this.  Has ANYONE done this recently, and do you remember what  
> you had
> to do???  I would REALLY like to exchange some e-mail with you.
> It would be nice if there was an example somewhere.
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I remember getting something similar when the file and directory  
permissions were not set properly (and/or export permissions).  So  
even when the boot directory exists, correct permissions to view or  
use it were not set properly.  I didnt track down any information  
regarding the exact settings required for diskless boot, however when  
I copied the nfs export to a new export and chmod to world readable,  
then i got past the gui errors.  I stepped back, adjusted the boot and  
then got the diskless client booting, however there were a few other  
things regarding permissions, home directories, and whatnot that also  
caused failure to boot, or get x started.  Ill check out the wiki and  
see if anyone posted the information for file permissions, would be  
nice to get this going again.'