[CentOS] xCache install error ($PHP_AUTOCONF?)

Wed Jan 7 11:20:14 UTC 2009
James Bensley <jwbensley at gmail.com>

Hi David, Thanks for the speed reply;

> So everything's installed from the source rpm knows nothing about them....
>> php is needed by php-xcache-4.4.9_1.2.1-jason.1.x86_64
>> php-devel is needed by php-xcache-4.4.9_1.2.1-jason.1.x86_64
> Try to build it with --nodeps, so it will not looup in rpm db.
> David

Thanks for that idea but unfortunately I am back to square one as the
--nodeps option does obviously make rpmbuild command continue on but
ultimately, drops out with the same error as when I manually build
xCache from the source when it gets to running phpize;

Cannot find autoconf. Please check your autoconf installation and the
environment variable is set correctly and then rerun this script.

I can't understand why this is though, especially since autoconf and
autoheader are both listed by the rpm manage with;
rpm-qa | grep auto

So they really are there and clearly visible? What is the world coming to ay?

Thanks again for your input, back to square one for me then!

James ;)

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