[CentOS] Email/GroupWare Suite

Wed Jan 7 20:42:20 UTC 2009
René Standfest <centos at standfest.net>

Bo Lynch schrieb am 07.01.2009 20:56:

> Just wanted to get some thoughts from the list.....
> We are a public k-12 school and are looking to migrate to a groupware
> style system for out staff to collaborate better. Currently we are using
> Squirrelmail/postfix for email. Does anyone have any
> recommendations/opinions. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you

We have running at the moment eGroupWare, but we plan to migrate to SOGo
(http://sogo.opengroupware.org) in the next two months (we had some annoying
problems with eGW in the past). It has a really cool Webfrontend (looks like
Thunderbird with Lightning) and has a really functional CalDAV-Interface which
integrates perfectly into Thunderbird/Lightning.
On the Website is a really good Install-Howto and it has even a yum repo.

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