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On Wed, January 7, 2009 6:06 pm, Andrew Cotter wrote:
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>> Am 07.01.2009 um 22:24 schrieb Adam Tauno Williams:
>> >>> You'll definitely want to look at a multi-server setup for that.
>> >>> Put your
>> >>> mail/web services on one box and database/LDAP on
>> another. Also, for
>> >>> such a large installation you may even want to look at their
>> >>> commercially supported editions. Last time I checked (admittedly
>> >>> quite a while
>> >>> ago) the
>> >>> pricing wasn't too horrendous and I've heard good things
>> about their
>> >>> support staff.
>> >>> We've always opted to go with the pure open source aka self-
>> >>> supported version but then again we're running installations with
>> >>> fewer than 300 users. I believe our largest installation
>> to date is
>> >>> ~100 users or so.
>> >
>> >> I would have thought that this was a small install:)
>> >
>> > Agree.  If you need multi-servers for 300 hundred users something is
>> > just designed wrong.   Unless you've got 300 intense power users.
>> >
>> Even then...
>> 300 users should fit on a desktop-class machine (provided
>> you've got enough RAM).
>> Zimbra uses Java / Jetty and thus likes to have enough RAM.
>> On a single server, I'd go with at least 8 GB of RAM.
>> Go with 64bit Linux (AMD64).
>> CentOS is not supported, but it seems to work nicely or now...
>> Rainer
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> My problem would be that a single machine is a single point of failure.
> We
> are looking at zimbra and using at least two machines utilizing GFS and
> our
> SAN so we can withstand a failure.  We have around 75 users but I am not
> willing to have email down due to a single machine failing.  (Btw, these
> would be virtual machines running on xenserver)
> Seeing as you are in education, if you are looking to actually pay for
> licensing a product and are actually interested in Zimbra, take a look at
> their hosted model.  It is only for educational institutions right now
> (not
> that I know if they will make the offering more widely available) and may
> fit the bill even more by not having to manage the hardware.
> My biggest concern is the long term viability of zimbra with the
> possibility
> of MicroHoo or someone else picking up Yahoo in the future.  I don't want
> to
> start something with that one, but for a business this is definitely a
> concern. I believe some of this has been addressed in their licensing
> language and there is always the the GPL version which would probably
> survive for at least a short while.
> Andrew
We would definitely be looking at a app for free in other words zimbra's
open source release. We are planning on using existing hardware that we
have. Currently we are running CentOS 5.2 with Pentium D 3.2 with 2gb ram
and 2 500GB SATA drives in a RAID. The motherboard that we have will
support a quadcore xeon if needed. Are setup now has no probs but we are
only doing basic email and calendar within squirrelmail itself.

Bo Lynch

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