[CentOS] Email/GroupWare Suite

Mon Jan 12 13:50:50 UTC 2009
Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam at whitemice.org>

> >> We are a public k-12 school and are looking to migrate to a groupware
> >> style system for out staff to collaborate better. Currently we are using
> >> Squirrelmail/postfix for email. Does anyone have any
> >> recommendations/opinions. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
> >> Thank you
> > I would stick in a suggestion to look at Scalix. Not free at 300 users,
> > but it does run nicely on CentOS.
> > Integrates well with Outlook and has a very nice webmail front end.
> I would be careful with Scalix. My son used to work at a place where they
> went with Scalix for 300+ users. The day to day maintenance on it can be a
> real bear. When you have a real problem that requires support, Scalix support
> is less than helpful. He left that job for another but still keeps in touch
> with his old boss. The old boss has told him that due to the Scalix problems
> they are budgeting for replacing Scalix with Exchange.
> On the other side of the coin, when it works, it works well and integrates well
> with Outlook. It is just overly complex under the hood.

This is one of the beauties of OpenGroupware - it's just PostgreSQL and
the filesystem.  Simple and clean; PostgreSQL 8.3 performance is very
good.  And you just reuse whatever SMTP/IMAP architecture you have or
want,  this a strong bias towards Cyrus (of course).

That is how it should be, IMHO, subsystems should be loosely coupled;
but it does make it more difficult to implement some features.