[CentOS] unsubscribe

Wed Jan 28 16:46:44 UTC 2009
Anne Wilson <cannewilson at googlemail.com>

On Wednesday 28 January 2009 16:20:47 Kevin Krieser wrote:
> The information IS in the headers, but many email programs don't show  
> the full headers, extracting only the information that many people  
> want (subject, TO:, CC:, etc).  So if you aren't aware of it being  
> hidden in the headers, you may not notice it.
> I generally look at the footers, when present, to see how to  
> unsubscribe.  And many people don't even go that far.  CentOS probably  
> should add just a little more to their footers, such as a note that  
> the link provided is also to unsubscribe.

It's easy to find when you know, but then we're not newbies, are we?

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