[CentOS] unsubscribe

Thu Jan 29 20:10:15 UTC 2009
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>


	Who cares about the headers.... every single message from the list
has a footer appended to it with the information about the list.  Click on
the link and it tells you how to unsubscribe.  Not to mention that, but once
a month I get an email from the mailing list telling me about my
subscription and how to log in and make changes to my subscription.

(sorry for the dotted lines, but was sent in html and I could not get my
post at the bottom without doing it this way)

None of my messages has ever come, as far as I know, with any footer about
the list. The only footers I ever see are the ones from the sender. Maybe
they are deleted by outlook or something, but they are not in the hidden
headers either.

Many get confused as every mailing list is a bit different. Some are hard
and some are easy to unsubscribe.

But I never get any footers.