[CentOS] [OT] Batch Job Scheduler/Manager

Wed Jul 1 01:22:35 UTC 2009
Mauriat Miranda <mirandam at gmail.com>

Hi.  Looking for suggestions/ideas.

I have pretty loose requirements at this point, but I am looking for a
tool (or set of tools) where I can automate and control a large group
of tasks by a basic web front end.

I have a series of scripts that do various conversions of data or
media, as well as analysis and I want to be able check their status,
see if they completed or if they failed.  Then possibly react or setup
alternate jobs if they passed or failed, etc. - some basic logic.

I want to avoid building something for this.  But if there already
exists a tool(s) that I could tailor that would be good too.
Something Perl would be perfect, but PHP could be made to work.  Free
or not would be acceptable.

Thanks for any ideas.