[CentOS] Playing with php 5.3.0

Wed Jul 1 09:40:59 UTC 2009
Michael A. Peters <mpeters at mac.com>

Even though I do not recommend it for production yet, I packaged and am 
playing with php 5.3.0 - src.rpm at


(needed epel to build)

Other than the suhosin loadable module messing up pear's ability to do 
anything, initial tests show it working fairly well.

Looks like the enchant module is a nogo on CentOS (aspell too old) but 
in the few hours of testing, none of my code (yet) is broken in it.

There are some warnings in the log files w/ respect to squirrelmail and 
setting time zone (stock centos squirrelmail), I'll have to look into 
that, and the php src.rpm there actually has a minor bug - it should 
obsolete/provide pecl-Fileinfo, but I'll wait for suhosin to come up 
with their patch to core php before I bother to update.

Anyway, it's there for anyone who feels like playing with 5.3.0 to see 
what breaks, you just to rebuild the src.rpm.