[CentOS] Configure a local DNS caching nameserver: partial success

Thu Jul 2 07:48:20 UTC 2009
Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>


The subject says it all. On my "server" machine in the local LAN 
( in a network), I setup Bind. I installed 
the 'caching-nameserver' package, which provides a set of configuration 
files for Bind so it can be used as a caching nameserver out of the box.

On the server :

I start bind (service named start), and try it out.

# host www.google.fr
Using domain server:
www.google.fr is an alias for www.google.com.
www.google.com is an alias for www.l.google.com.
www.l.google.com has address
www.l.google.com has address
www.l.google.com has address
www.l.google.com has address

Which tells me basically that my DNS server works.

Now I'd like all the other machines on the network to use this local DNS 
server instead of my ISP's DNS. First thing, I know Bind uses port 53, 
so I take care to open that port on the server as well as on the other 
machines in the network. Then, I try to use my local DNS server manually 
on one of the machines, but I only get this :

$ host www.google.fr
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

Since I'm rather new to Bind, this leaves me a bit clueless. I'm 
currently busy reading "DNS & Bind" from O'Reilly, but this 750 page 
book is ideal for blocking my terrace door on windy days, and the 
problem is not absence, but wealth of information.

Any suggestions ?