[CentOS] CPU utils almost 100%

Sun Jul 5 10:50:39 UTC 2009
fabian <fabian at baladia.gov.kw>

Dear All,

I have been using the following for along time but recently i noticed the

Centos 5.2
squid stable 2.6
clamav + havp

i do have MRTG running which monitors CPU + bandwith usage of my squid
proxy server

i notced recently that the cpu utilization peaks to abt 100 % at 4 am
every day and becomes normall at 10 am

cpu 4.5%us   2.3% sy  0.0%ni 2% id   95% wa

notice the 95% wa

the only thing that i added was i have a cron job running clamscan at 4 am

but initally it was workin without any problem

when i run top it show

so when i noticed this high cpu utilization i removed the clamscan entry
from my crontab file so as to diable it
but the problem still persists

i wanted to disble all the daily crontab jobs but i jus wanted to know
which process could be actually causing this

appreciate your advice and help



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