[CentOS] Cluster Related Question

Sun Jul 12 14:03:33 UTC 2009
jeff@bofus.org <jeff at bofus.org>

I am not sure this is the proper forum for this question, feel free to 
redirect me if you like to the correct place.

I have the following setup:

vmware esxi
2 CentOS 5.3 servers (vmware virtual hosts)

these 2 servers are running conga(luci, ricci) and the rest of the 
cluster suite with a simple IP address setup to failover for testing. 

My problem comes in when I need to setup fencing for the vmware 
servers.  I have downloaded the fence_vmware_ng agent, and can manually 
fence using it on the command line.  How can I add this agent to the 
conga or even the system-config-cluster interface for use in the agent 
list dropdown?
If I add the fencing configuration to the cluster.conf manually, conga 
does not see it, and system-config-cluster refuses to load the 
configuration file, and says it is invalid...

Thanks in advance for any help!


*Jeffery P. Humes*

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