[CentOS] NUT problem

Mon Jul 20 14:50:26 UTC 2009
Anne Wilson <cannewilson at googlemail.com>

A little while ago I changed my UPS to  Leibert and installed NUT.  Everything 
worked as expected.  Today I tried to use the MultiLink Viewer icon from the 
desktop, but it simply accepted the root password without apparently doing 
anything.  I can run the viewer directly (as root) from a file manager.

The icon is owned by me, but the application is set to run as root.  

I suspect that the problem is with 'kdesu'.  The command

'kdesu /opt/MultiLink/bin/Viewer'

which is what the icon runs, brings

'kdesu /opt/MultiLink/bin/Viewer'
bash: kdesu /opt/MultiLink/bin/Viewer: No such file or directory

From a root terminal, however, 

/opt/MultiLink/jre/bin/java -cp .:/opt/MultiLink/lib/em.jar -
com.liebert.dpg.app.LxExecutor mainViewer /opt/MultiLink cfg/executor.cfg

What changes do I need to make to be able to use the desktop icon again?