[CentOS] Self signed certs, openssl dovecot

Fri Jul 24 13:49:59 UTC 2009
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

So, at wits end. Have gone back to plain text for pop3.

I set up the ssl as per instructions but I always get a 'chain' error first
time trying to receive mail with my mail client.

Comes down I believe to the need to get a CA for dovecot's pem files or I
will always get an error.

Now I am thinking since I am self signing my own mail I should be able to
make that intermediate crt file for dovecot....but have no idea the name or
process for that one.

I am not gonna pay 30 dollars to get a signed cert for my own mail, nor do I
want to keep getting that error when my mail client opens up.

So...anyone ever do a self signed cert with dovecot and went ssl pop3s?
Millions of posts out there but no one has an answer.