[CentOS] About NIDS software or hardware.

Fri Jul 24 14:06:17 UTC 2009
Semih Gokalp <semihgokalp at gmail.com>

Hi all CentOS users.

I have used the Snort on server for NIDS.It is connected to switch's
SPAN port and server ethernet mode is promiscuous and it is analysing
all network traffic and alert me all status.

But i am searching other alternative for NIDS that it connectable to
network area like Snort server.I found some hardware machine such as
SonicWall,Barracuda etc.. but at the same time this hardwares are
firewall and VPN UTM but only I am looking for NIDS alternative.

Do you know which hardware can i use for NIDS ? I am waiting your
advice and suggestion.

Iyi calismalar.Basarilar...
Semih Gokalp